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Feb 16 '12

Kay’s last day

So, for a while now I have been planning to move out of Birmingham, and therefore leave GET A GRIP. A few people knew, but since the start of 2012 it’s been business as usual in the studio, and ‘months away’ so I’ve not really mentioned it. As things happened, yesterday ended up being my last day, and what with sorting out accounts and jobs in the studio I didn’t get the opportunity to get online and say farewell and thank you to everyone.

The last two and a half years have been a complete rollercoaster. GET A GRIP is such an awesome business, and I am very, very proud to have been a co-founder, and to have helped it grow from a part-time job into the fulltime shop and studio it is today. I’ve got to work with some absolutely fantastic people from all around the country, and further afield, and I count myself truly lucky that for over two years I got to be part of it all.

I particularly wanted to thank some of the bands, illustrators and businesses who have made working at GET A GRIP so special- Nath from No Guts No Glory, Lee Nutland, Mister Millerchip, the ladies at Capsule, Specialist Subject Records, Bangers, The Arteries, Caves, Above Them, Apologies, I Have None, Luke Leighfield, Tall Ships, Birmingham Zine Festival, Craftspace, and everyone we worked with for the GET A GRIP brand. I am also thankful of anyone who has ever commissioned us to print something for them, bought something from us, participated in a workshop, popped in the shop, sent us a nice email or recommended us to their friends.

I also want to thank The Custard Factory for welcoming me into their family for the last few years. There’s some really really awesome shops around here- Log and the Framers have especially helped us out countless times, as well as numerous others including Kate and the ladies at The Birmingham Bead Shop and Frankie from Urban Village. The majority of shops in Digbeth are independently run by passionate individuals, not unlike GET A GRIP in many ways- so if you’re in Birmingham and don’t stop by, you’re really missing out on so many great things. I’m really going to miss getting to know all the new tenants that are going to be moving in, and the great summer of events planned for the complex.

Most of all, I’d like to thank Sam for putting up with me for over two years.

I’m super-happy that GET A GRIP will be continuing without me. Sam will be welcoming Patrick to the team officially over the summer, he’s helped us insane amounts for the last few months interning and I like to think we’ve trained him up really well! They’ve got some great plans in the pipeline, and 2012 is going to be a really exciting year for the business- so look out! There will be some other new faces joining GET A GRIP as the year goes on, but I’m confident GET A GRIP will stay true to it’s roots- providing great personal service, unbiased advice and quality handpulled screenprints.

As for me, I have hung up my squeegee and will be relocating to Exeter in the near future. Nath and myself will continue to produce The DIY Times, which GET A GRIP will still feature in! But my time at GET A GRIP is done, and it’s been a blast. To the friends I’ve made, please stay in touch!

Support your local screenprinter.

Kay x

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